• Profiles produced by our standard line: UD Profile, CD Profile, UW Profile, CW Profile.
  • Profiles produced by our optional line: Omega, Fourrure, and other profiles for gypsum board application
  • UD Profile: Galvanized steel sheet profiles used in the construction of partition walls, curtain walls and suspended ceiling systems.
  • CD Profile: In suspended ceiling applications, the carrier profile is used to install the skeleton. It is used together with UD Profile at the point where the skeleton is connected to the wall.
  • UW Profile: Profiles made of galvanized steels that ensure that the CD profiles, which act as a carrier in the metal construction established in the construction of plasterboard partition walls, and the partition wall stand in balance.
  • CW Profile: In partition wall applications, curtain wall applications and shaft wall applications, it is applied by passing into UW profiles as a metal carrier skeleton.
  • Omega Profile: It is a galvanized profile that fixes two CD profiles together and ensures that the system works as a whole.
  • Fourrure Profile: Galvanized steel sheet profile used to create a vertical frame against partitions or for ceiling installation in plasterboard.
  • Profiles coming out of ROLLFEN Gypsum Board Profile Production Line are high quality and robust. It meets all performance criteria in EN 14195