• Profiles produced by our standard line: Expanded Mesh, Perforated Angle Bead and Ano Profile.
    • Profiles produced by our optional line: Crosspiece for Ceiling Profile, Architrave Bead, Plaster Stop and other profiles for corner bead application
    • Expanded Mesh: Profiles used in gypsum plaster applications to ensure the steepness of the corners and to increase resistance against impacts
    • Perforated Angle Bead: Profiles used in gypsum plaster applications at the corners of walls, partition walls and suspended ceiling systems in order to ensure their verticality and increase their resistance against impacts.
    • Ano Profile: Profiles used to eliminate wall curves during the plastering process. They are used together with corner profiles at the outer corners of the walls, door and window passages.
    • Crosspiece for Ceiling Profile:It is applied as a sealing support for plasterboard ceilings. The support to which the suspension element will be attached is the snap-on cross member of the profile supporting the ceiling.
    • Architrave Bead: Ensures that the corners are finished properly and have a quality appearance in suspended ceiling and rockwool applications
    • Plaster Stop: It leaves both a reinforced edge and a clean surface in the corners of gypsum plaster and ceiling coatings..
    • Profiles coming out of ROLLFEN Corner Bead Profile Production Line are high quality and robust. It meets all performance criteria in EN 13658